Report abuse and copyright infringement

If you find an app or review that violates the Google Workspace Marketplace Terms of Service or you see a trademark or copyright infringement, you can let us know.

Report an inappropriate app

  1. Sign in to the Marketplace.
  2. Click the app and at the bottom, click Flag as inappropriate.
  3. Choose why you’re reporting the appand thenclick Done.

Report an app review

  1. Sign in to the Marketplace.
  2. Click the app.
  3. Click Reviews and next to the inappropriate review, click  More ""and thenReport review.
  4. Choose why you’re reporting the reviewand thenclick Done.

After you submit a report

Your report is sent to a specialist for review. If the specialist determines that an app or a review violates the Terms of Service, it will be removed from the Marketplace.

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