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Search your inbox to find the email you need.

In this section:

1 Search your inbox
2 Narrow your search
3 Clear your search history

1 Search your inbox


  1. Open Gmail.
  2. At the top, in the search box, enter your search criteria.
    • When you search a person’s email address, the results also show email that includes their alias. To limit the search to only the original email, enclose the search criteria in double quotes. For example: "".
    • When you search “from:email", the results also return Drive files shared by that email address.
  3. Press Enter.

Enter keywords. Advanced search suggestions are displayed.


To narrow your search, at the right of the Gmail search box, click Show search options "".

Add specific search criteria. For example, you can find an email from Alice that has an attachment within a particular time frame.

For details on using search filters, see Use filters when you search.

3 Clear your search history


  1. Click the search box. Your most recent search may show.
  2. Go to the search and click Delete "".

You can also clear your search history from Google servers. Learn how to delete your activity.

To learn more about advanced searches, see search operators in Gmail.

Click the arrow to add search criteria, narrowing a search

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