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Switching from a different mail program?

See Switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook or Switching to Gmail from HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes) instead.

Note: If your administrator hasn’t already migrated your old mail for you, you may want to import your old mail before starting this tutorial.


Switch to GmailWith Gmail, your email is stored safely in the cloud. You can get to messages from any computer or device with a web browser. If your administrator allows, you can join or start a video meeting in Google Meet right from Gmail. Add Google Chat to your Gmail inbox and get all the features of Chat directly in Gmail. You can also quickly organize and find important email, as well as read and draft email without an internet connection.

What you need:

"" 10 minutes
Google Workspace accountDon't have one? Start your free 14-day trial today.

Get Gmail: Web (, or iOS



Section 1: Create and send email

1 Create and send email
2 See new email
3 Reply to email
4 Change recipients or subjects
5 Save and print attachments
6 Email without an internet connection
7 Turn your vacation responder on or off

Section 2: Organize your inbox

1 Switch to labels from folders
2 Create labels
3 Apply labels
4 Add filters
5 Star important email
6 Snooze email
7 Archive or delete email

Section 3: Find email

1 Search your inbox
2 Narrow your search

Section 4: Create signatures

1 Create a signature
2 Add a signature to an email
3 Edit a signature
4 Delete a signature

Section 5: Start a video meeting and send messages

1 Start and join video meetings
2 Use Chat in Gmail
3 Change your status in Gmail

Section 6: Use other tools

1 Open your Google Calendar and events
2 Open notes in Google Keep
3 Open your to-do lists in Google Tasks
4 Get add-ons


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