Get Drive notifications in Chat



In Google Chat, you can use apps to connect with services. To get notifications in Chat about activity in your Drive, use the Google Drive app.

Turn on Drive notifications""

After you turn on notifications, you get direct messages about Drive events, such as:

  • A new file or folder has been shared with you
  • A new comment or action item mentions you or is assigned to you
  • Someone has requested access to a file you own
  • You're close to running out of storage

Note: If you want to delete an app message, in the conversation, point to the message and click Delete "".

  1.  Go to Google Chat or your Gmail account.
  2. Send any direct message (such as "hello") to the Google Drive app.
  3. In the response, click Turn On Notifications.

Turn off Drive notifications""

  1. Send any direct message (such as "hello") to the Google Drive app.
  2. In the response, click or tap Turn Off Notifications.

To turn notifications back on, send another direct message to the Google Drive app.

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