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Troubleshoot issues with integrated Gmail

This article explains how to fix issues with Google Meet and Chat in Gmail. To fix issues with email, go to the Gmail troubleshooting section.


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I can't see certain features in Gmail

For users:

  • Check your Gmail settings to make sure these features are enabled:
    • Chat—Required to use Chat in Gmail.
    • Meet—Required to use Meet in Gmail.
  • If you're on the web, refresh your browser twice to reload Chat and Meet in Gmail. If you're using a mobile device, restart the apps. You might need to do this more than once as features roll out.
  • If you use Gmail through work or school, features might be turned off for your organization. However, you can still use ChatMeet, and Tasks separately. For information about feature availability, contact your administrator.

For administrators:

I don't see meetings in the My meetings section

The My meetings section in the Gmail sidebar shows events that have a Join with Google Meet link in your calendar. Events that have meeting links only in their descriptions don't appear in the My meetings section.

If you don't see any events in the My meetings section, either you don't have events with a Meet link, or Calendar is turned off for your organization. Scheduled meetings appear only if Calendar is turned on. For information about service availability in your organization, contact your administrator.

Chat is too far down on the Gmail sidebar - I can't see my contacts
I'm not getting Chat notifications
I'm getting too many Chat notifications
My chat messages disappear after 24 hours

For users:

  • Try turning chat history on. If you don’t see this option, and you use Chat through work or school, your administrator might have turned chat history off for your organization. 

For administrators:

I can't chat with people

You might not be able to chat with people whose Chat settings are incompatible with yours. Learn more about chat settings.

I can't add people outside my organization to a space

For users:

  • When you create a space, select Allow people outside your organization to join. You can’t select this option after a space is created. 

    Note: If you use Gmail through work or school and you don’t see this option when creating a space, your administrator might have turned the feature off.

For administrators:

I can't upload or edit files in spaces

For users:

  • If you can't upload or edit files in spaces, Drive or Docs editors might be turned off for your organization. When the Drive and Docs is turned off, you don't have the add to Drive option under the Files tab. For information about service availability in your organization, contact your administrator.
  • If you’re offline and try to open a document, it will open in a new tab. Your ability to edit the document depends on whether offline access is enabled. If offline access is enabled, offline editing will continue to work when you’re editing a document in a space and go offline. Learn more about offline editing.

For administrators:

I can't turn off Meet or Chat
  1. On your computer, open Gmail.
  2. At the top right, click Settings ""and thenView all settings.
  3. At the top, click Chat and Meet.
  4. Next to Chat, click Off.
  5. Next to Meet, click Hide the Meet section in the main menu.

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