About Past violations

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About Past Violations

Google continuously re-reviews ads to ensure they conform with our policies.  During the standard re-review process, our system may identify disapproved ads that no longer violate our policies.  If your ad was disapproved for an extended period of time and our enforcement system later decides that the policy no longer applies, we may keep the ad disapproved and classify the ad as “Past Violation”.  We do this to prevent you from unintentionally exhausting spend on old ads. In order to re-activate your ads, please follow the steps below:

How to appeal policy decisions from the “Ads and assets” table:

  1. Select the ads you want to start serving.
  2. From the menu at the top, select Edit.
  3. Click Appeal.
    • Note: If any of the ads you selected aren’t eligible for appeal, you’ll receive a message showing which ads aren’t eligible.
  4. Under "Reason for appealing", select Made changes to comply with policy.
  5. Under "Appeal the following", select which ads you want to appeal.
  6. Click Submit.

How to appeal policy decisions from an ad's "Status" column:

  1. In the “Status” column of the ad you want to start serving, hover over the ad status, and click Appeal.
  2. Under "Reason for appealing," select Made changes to comply with policy.
  3. Under "Appeal the following," select which ads you want to appeal.
  4. Click Submit.
To learn more about fixing disapproved ads, please visit this help article.
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