This article is about Google Analytics 4 properties. Refer to the Universal Analytics section if you're still using a Universal Analytics property, which will stop processing data on July 1, 2023 (July 1, 2024 for Analytics 360 properties).

[GA4] Monetization reports

See the revenue you generate from your website or app

The Monetization reports enable you to see the revenue you generate from the items, ads, and subscriptions on your website or app. You can also use the reports to see the number of your customers who view each item you sell, the number of ad impressions in your apps, and other data about the things that generate revenue for your business.

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Access the Monetization reports

To access the Monetization reports, click Reports > Monetization in the left navigation. If you don't see the topic, an administrator may have removed it from the navigation.

Monetization overview

The Monetization overview report summarizes data across the other reports (such as Ecommerce purchases and In-app purchases) to help you develop a unified view of your site and app monetization.

Ecommerce purchases

The Ecommerce purchases report lets you measure the revenue you generate from the items you sell and interactions with those items.

To learn how to collect ecommerce data and populate ecommerce dimensions and metrics, refer to the following:

To see ecommerce data in the Ecommerce purchases report, you need to include the required parameters for each ecommerce event. In addition to the required and optional parameters, you can send custom parameters. However, Google Analytics doesn't populate the Ecommerce purchases report with the custom parameter values.

In-app purchases

The In-app purchases report enables you to measure revenue from in-app purchases grouped by product ID. Analytics populates the report when the in_app_purchase and subscription events are sent. The events are sent automatically when you do one of the following:

Note: Product ID is a unique identifier for each product that users can purchase. The In-app purchases report shows revenue by product ID so you can identify the products that generate the most revenue.

Publisher ads

The Publisher ads report enables you to measure the revenue you generate from the ads in your mobile app grouped by ad unit. The report doesn't currently show revenue from ads on your website. To see ad revenue in the report, you need to set up ad-revenue measurement.

Analytics measures ad revenue automatically when you integrate with AdMob. When you integrate with MoPub, ironSource, or another ad monetization platform, you can see impression-level revenue data by sending the ad_impression event.

Note: Ad unit is a unique identifier for each of your ads that you can find in your ads account. The Publisher ads report shows ad revenue by ad unit so you can identify the ads that generate the most revenue.
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