Switch between accounts in the Google Calendar app

You can view and manage events from different Google Accounts on the Google Calendar app.

Before you start

  • Set your phone screen orientation to portrait mode so your profile photo or Google Account is visible in the Google Calendar app. 
  • In Menu Menu, your current account appears at the top. Other enabled accounts appear below your current account.
  • You can view all calendars for your enabled accounts at the same time:
    1. Tap Menu Menu.
    2. Select the calendars you want to appear in the grid.

Switch between accounts

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Calendar app Calendar.
  2. At the top right, tap your profile photo or Google Account
  3. From the window, choose an option:
    • Select a different account: If you have multiple accounts on the app, you can select a different enabled account.
    • Manage your Google Account: Select this option to customize your Google Account. This option is only available when your current account is a Google Account.
    • Switch to work profile or Switch to personal profile: This feature only works if you use work mode on your phone and you and your work administrator enable the feature.
      • Important: To manage any personal calendars you have on your work profile, switch to the Google Calendar app associated with your personal profile.
    • Manage accounts on this device: This option takes you to your device’s Settings, where you can add, remove, or update accounts.
    • Add another account: You can add another account to the Google Calendar app. When you add a new account, it appears as your current account.
  4. Your profile photo or Google Account  shows the account you switch to.


  • Before you switch to a different account, save any changes or updates.
  • If an account is ineligible for a specific action, Google Calendar notifies you and automatically switches to the eligible account.
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