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Chrome OS Long-term Support (LTS) release notes

Last updated on: June 06, 2022

For administrators who manage Chrome browser or ChromeOS devices for a business or school.

The long-term support channel (LTS) has a slower release cadence than the Stable channel. Devices still continue to receive frequent security fixes, but they get cumulative feature updates every 6 months.

For more details, see Long-term Support (LTS) on Chrome OS.

Chrome OS LTS 102 feature summary (Chrome 97 - Chrome 102)

Chrome browser updates Security User productivity/ Apps Management
102: Chrome sends Private Network Access preflights for subresources     
102: Chrome leverages MiraclePtr to improve security     
102: Virtual card numbers in Autofill  
102: Changes to URL parameters    
102: A redesign for browser downloads    
102: Chrome releases on Windows and Android now include multiple versions    
102: Chrome New Profile Separation Dialog    
102: New and updated policies in Chrome browser    
101: Removing setTimeout(,0) clamping to 1ms    
101: Deprecation Origin Trial for UA reduction    
101: Chrome Browser Cloud Management maintains compatibility with the most recent 12 versions of Chrome    
101: Chrome supports notification permission changes on Android 13 and above    
101: Chrome removes support for WebSQL in a third-party context    
101: Compare search results with new Side Search feature     
101: Control camera and microphone permissions in on iOS    
101: Chrome runs prerendering autocomplete suggestions
from the Omnibox
101: Chrome removes legacy policies with non-inclusive
101: New and updated policies in Chrome browser    
100: Screen sharing fix for macOS    
100: Chrome major version number reaches 100    
100: Updates for Legacy Browser Support <open-in> rules     
100: Chrome 100 removes the AllowSyncXHRInPageDismissal policy    
100: New WebHID enterprise policies    
100: Chrome 100 removes Lite Mode on Android     
100: Chrome Actions introduced on Android    
100: Chrome on Android supports login using QR codes    
100: Updates to the Certificate Transparency policy    
100: Multi-Screen Window Placement API stable launch    
100: Changes to tab-sharing blue border behavior     
100: Chrome on iOS users can choose their default website
100: Chrome adds Google Account-tied tokens to Enhanced
Safe Browsing pings
100: Dismiss password alerts on Desktop  
100: Chrome expands SCT auditing to more users    
100: Chrome no longer supports TLS 1.0/1.1 on Android WebView    
100: Enterprise policies are available for new users on iOS    
100: New and updated policies in Chrome browser    
99: Uninstall WebApps from Windows OS settings    
99: Certificate Transparency expanded on Android    
99: Rollback on private network access pre-flights    
99: Chrome 99 the adds NTPMiddleSlotAnnouncementVisible policy    
99: Chrome 99 removes the CrossOriginWebAssemblyModuleSharingEnabled policy    
99: Chrome 99 updates the code signing certificate for
Chrome on macOS
99: New and updated policies in Chrome browser    
98: Use Chrome passwords in other apps on iOS    
98: Update GREASE brand list generation  
98: Chrome disables the U2F API by default   
98: Chrome no longer allows TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1    
98: Private network access preflights for subresources    
98: Integrate Enhanced Safe Browsing preference with account settings  
98: TFLite model for client-side phishing detection     
98: Chrome deprecates the installed_browser_version field
in the Directory API
98: New extensions must be submitted with Manifest v3    
98: New and updated policies in Chrome browser    
97: Launch Control Flow Guard for Windows    
97: Certificate Transparency enabled on Chrome for Android    
97: About this site    
97: Test improvements to the Manage search engines settings     
97: Chrome 97 removes profiles from memory when their windows are closed    
97: Chrome disables WebSQL in third-party contexts     
97: New Manifest V2 extensions not accepted after
January 17, 2022
97: Improved Chrome Autofill on Desktop  
97: Optimized user experience on iOS    
97: Private Network Access preflights for subresources    
97: New and updated policies in Chrome browser    
ChromeOS updates Security User productivity/ Apps Management
102: Long-term Support (LTS)  
102: USB Type-C cable notifications    
102: Camera settings improvements    
102: Launcher redesign: Open Tab search    
102: File manager ZIP extraction    
102: Built-in IKEv2 VPN support on ChromeOS  
101: Network-based recovery for ChromeOS    
101: Policy support for additional openVPN settings    
101: UI-based firmware updates for peripherals    
101: Crostini upgrade to Debian 11 (Bullseye)    
101: UI improvements for the Camera app    
101: Cursive canvas lock    
101: Forced reboots across managed devices    
100: ChromeOS Dictation text editing    
100: ChromeOS Flex
99: Nearby Share background scanning    
99: Keep full-screen mode after unlock  
99: Introducing the Files SWA    
99: Optimized user experience on touch screens    
99: Drag windows to New Desk in Overview    
99: GIF animation mode on Camera    
98: Expanded keyboard shortcuts for Desks    
98: Add Save to settings to screen capture    
98: Support for Network Based Recovery (NBR)    
97: Chrome Management Telemetry API  
97: Revamped user and device reporting controls    
97: Chrome Policy API supports Device settings  
97: Offline grammar check    
97: Magnifier continuous panning    
97: Gallery app supports audio playing and multi window    
Admin console updates Security User productivity/ Apps Management
102: New look for the Device list and Browser list pages    
102: New security events for the Chrome Audit Log  
102: New policies in the Admin console    
101: Identification variables for Android managed configuration policy    
101: New policies in the Admin console    
100: Chrome Browser Cloud Management (CBCM) supports Chrome on Android   
100: Remotely connect to any device from the Admin console    
100: New policies in the Admin console    
99: New policies in the Admin console    
98: Search devices by version or mode    
98: New policies in the Admin console    
97: Browser list data downloadable in CSV format    
97: Read-only privilege for managed browsers    
97: Reports overview page    
97: Insights report: Devices that need attention    
97: New policies in the Admin console    


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