Change how text fits in placeholders & text boxes

You can customize how text fits in text placeholders and text boxes. By default:

  • Text automatically shrinks to fit a text placeholder.
  • A newly created text box automatically resizes to fit text.

You can change autofit settings in: 

  • Slides preferences 
  • The Format options sidebar
  • The menu next to each text box

Change autofit preferences for new text placeholders & text boxes

Important: Autofit for new text placeholders and text boxes changed in January 2021. Text placeholders and text boxes created before that were not affected. Changes to preferences will affect only new content created after the change.
  1. Open a presentation in Slides.
  2. Go to Tools and then Preferences.
  3. Check “Use custom autofit preferences.”
  4. Select a text placeholder or text box. The text placeholder or text box you select applies to new presentations.

Change autofit settings for a text box

  1. Open a presentation in Slides.
  2. You have a few ways to open format options for text fitting:
    • Go to Format and then Format options. In the sidebar, click Text fitting.
    • Right-click a text placeholder or box. In the menu, click Text fitting.
    • Create a new text box and then Click the icon next to the box autofit.
  3. Select a new setting for text in the box:
    • Do not autofit.
    • Shrink text on overflow. This is the default for theme text placeholders.
    • Resize shape to fit text. This is the default for text boxes.

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