GAMMA.INV function

The GAMMA.INV function returns the value of the inverse gamma cumulative distribution function for the specified probability, alpha, and beta parameters.

Parts of a GAMMA.INV formula

GAMMA.INV(probability, alpha, beta)

Part Description Notes
probability The input to the inverse gamma distribution function.
  • Must be between 0 and 1.
alpha The shape of the gamma distribution.
  • Must be positive.
  • The sign of significance is ignored.
beta The scale of the gamma distribution.
  • Must be positive.

Sample formulas

GAMMA.INV(0.65, 4, 2)

GAMMA.INV(C3, 3, 2)


  • You can use GAMMAINV or GAMMA.INV to perform this function. 


  A B
1 Formula Result
2 =GAMMA.INV(0.3, 5, 1) 3.633609083

Related function

  • GAMMA.DIST: The GAMMA.DIST function calculates the gamma distribution, a 2-parameter continuous probability distribution.
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