About the search terms report in Smart campaigns

A search term is a word or phrase a customer enters when searching on Google.com.

The search terms report is a list of searches people have used to see and click your ads. Understanding how people see and engage with your ads can help you make sure your ads are showing for the right searches and capturing customers for your business.

How to use the search terms report

Review your search terms and the associated clicks and spend.

  • If there are many search terms that aren’t a good fit for your business, make sure that your keyword themes are as accurate and relevant to your business as possible.
  • If your keyword themes are accurate, precise, and relevant to your business, but only a few search terms don't apply to your business, you can add them individually to your negative keyword themes. This makes sure your ads don’t show on these searches.

How to add a search term to negative keyword themes

Learn more about negative keyword themes in Smart campaigns

  1. Find the campaign to edit.
  2. On the “Keyword themes & search terms report” card, click Edit.
  3. Click the Search terms report tab.
  4. Select the search terms that aren’t relevant to your business and click Add to negative keyword themes.
  5. Click Save.

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