Bringing commissions reconciliation to Google Ads

You can manage your commission (per stay) campaigns easily by bringing reconciliation from Hotel Center into Google Ads. You can get:

  • Improved reporting. You'll have additional reporting functionality in Google Ads:
    • Commission rate: You'll have access to the commission rate at an individual booking level. This is particularly helpful for partners who are changing their commission rate on a regular basis.
    • Booking details: You'll have access to per-booking details such as hotel, check-in date, check-out date, and Order ID (booking reference ID) for each conversion that resulted from a commission (per stay) campaign.
    • Billed cost: The "Commissions" tab will report on the total cost of stays that have become billable. A billable guest stay is one that has not been reported as canceled 45 days after its checkout date.
  • Simplified reconciliation. You can simply download the per-booking report, update the stay status (stayed or canceled), and upload it into Google Ads. Partners will need to mark bookings as canceled or modified within 45 days of checkout. Bookings not reconciled within that period are assumed stayed and automatically billed. Advertisers need to reconcile everything in the same currency as their account billing currency. Learn how to Reconcile your bookings in Google Ads
  • Improved bidding options. The full list of hotel ads bid adjustments will be supported for commission (per stay) campaigns in Google Ads. Learn more about bid adjustments for hotel ads
Note: Commission (per stay) is only available if you set up conversion tracking for hotel campaigns.

How to migrate to commission (per stay) in Google Ads

All commission (per stay) accounts and associated Google Ads accounts will be automatically migrated to Google Ads reconciliation on April 1, 2022.

  • Important: You must upload a reconciliation report in Hotel Center for the last completed month before April 17. After that, you will reconcile all guest stays in Google Ads.
  • Example:
    • On April 1: Your account reconciliation is migrated to Google Ads.
    • Before April 18: You must upload a reconciliation report to Hotel Center covering stays with checkout dates in the month of March.
    • No later than May 15: You should start reconciling all bookings with checkout dates on April 1 or later via Google Ads within 45 days of checkout. You will no longer need to reconcile in Hotel Center after that.

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