Create a Catch-All Shopping Campaign

Catch-all Shopping campaigns offer bid coverage for products not included in other Shopping campaigns that have inventory filters and custom labels applied. They ensure that 100% of approved products are targeted in your account, and capture any new products added to your feed.

Best practices during or after campaign set up

  1. Create a catch-all Shopping campaign with one “All Products” product group and a single bid.
  2. Additional granularity using the Product Type or Google Product Category (GPC) attributes for subdivisions may be applied if the catch-all campaign is targeting a large number of products not broken out in another campaign.
  3. Choose a bid strategy that is in line with the preferred bid strategy of your Shopping campaign. Google recommends using “Maximize conversion value” for Smart Shopping campaigns, “Target return on ad spend” for standard Shopping campaigns that are tracking conversions, and “Maximize clicks” for standard Shopping campaigns that are not tracking conversions. Learn more about bidding strategies for Shopping campaigns
  4. Ensure that the campaign is not budget constrained.
  5. Set the campaign priority to low.
  6. Do not apply inventory filters or exclusions to the campaign.

Alternatively, you can add any non targeted products in your existing Shopping campaigns.

If your primary Shopping campaigns are Smart Shopping campaigns, we recommend creating a Smart Shopping campaign as a catch-all campaign with lower budget and higher ROAS target.

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