About Ad Strength for Discovery ads

Ad Strength shows you how well an ad creative follows our best practices for optimal performance. It can be found in the ad creation editor. A higher ad strength will help to maximize the performance of your ad. Improve your ad strength by adding more assets and diverse content.

Ad Strength has three components: the overall rating, a specific next step that can improve the strength of the ad, and progress indicators by type of asset (headline, text, images). The ratings can range from ‘Incomplete’ to ‘Excellent.’

Benefits of Ad Strength

Discovery ads perform best when you add many unique creative assets and a variety of aspect ratios. This enables the creative optimization to test many ad variations and, ultimately, deliver the most relevant ad to every user. In addition to following Ad Strength’s recommended next steps, it’s important to also ensure all uploaded assets follow Discovery’s ad format requirements so your ads are approved. For more help with creating engaging ads that drive better performance, review our in-depth creative best practices.

Using Ad Strength during ad creation

Ad Strength’s overall rating of “Average,” Good,”, or “Excellent” will change depending on your actions during ad creation and editing. You’ll see the “Incomplete” rating if you don’t include the minimum requirements for an ad.

The rating will change as you progress through ad creation and follow the best practices listed. If you go through all of the steps indicated in the Ad Strength progress menu (next to the ad rating), and add a variety of strong assets, your ad rating will be “Excellent”.

Using Ad Strength to improve performance of existing ads

For ads that you’re ready to edit, you can click through Ad Strength prompts to see which actions you can take to improve ad performance by adding assets. These are some of the guidance prompts you may see:

  • Add at least 1 square image.
  • Add at least 1 landscape image.
  • Add at least 1 portrait image.
  • Add at least 3 images to increase your chances for better performance.
  • Add some descriptions.
  • Make at least 1 of your headlines 20 characters or more for better performance.
  • Remove descriptions that are too similar to your headlines and replace them with more unique ones.
  • Your ads are all set! They’ll have a higher chance of performing well.

Using Ad Strength to understand the impact of asset updates

You can use the Ad strength bar in your asset report to learn how editing keywords can impact ad strength and performance. An alert will appear on the Ad strength bar if the asset update impacts ad strength negatively.

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