Troubleshoot Promotion of Local Products Issues using Business data


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You can use the “Promotion of Local Products” feature to highlight products and services available at your physical locations. When setting up a local product feed, you may encounter certain types of errors with your feed. This article describes some common errors when setting up a local product feed, and how to fix them.

Keep in mind: The following errors apply only to local product feeds set up using Business data. If you set up your local product feed using a local inventory feed, please review the Local inventory onboarding guide.

Learn more about formatting your product data.

Use the following steps to find any product feed errors:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon] and under “More tools”, click Business data.
  3. Click Data feeds, and select the product feed associated with your campaign.

Validation errors

If your product information isn’t entered correctly, it can cause your location not to show in an ad. When uploading the feed make sure your feed has at least 5 products per store to ensure your location shows in an ad.

  • Price format error: Your price and sales price must include the currency (for example, “2.99 USD”).
  • URL error: Your destination must be reachable. Make sure your URL is working and formatted correctly.

Store code errors

The following errors can occur with your Business Profile store code:

  • Missing store code: Make sure you have entered your store code.
  • Store code does not match location in Business Profile: Make sure that your store code matches the location entered in Business Profile.
  • Incorrect use of “<all>” in store code: If you need an item to show in all your store locations, make sure enter “<all>” in the “Store code” column. If “<all>” isn’t written exactly as it’s written here (for example, “ALL”)a, this will produce an error.

Image errors

When adding an image, you may encounter the following errors:

  • Image width/height too small or too large: The image width and height must be more than 360 pixels each. The recommended dimensions are 720x720, and the image aspect ratio must be between 0.67:1 to 1.85:1 (the recommended ratio is 1:10.
  • Wrong image format/the file cannot be parsed as an image: Make sure your image is a PNG, or JPG file.
  • Image file too large: Image size must be less than 11.4MB and less than 6M pixels.
  • Image not found: You may need to re-upload the image.

Text policy errors

Your ads may not show if you have text errors including style and spelling, punctuation and special characters, and trademarks in text. For guidance on how to write your text, check the Google Ads editorial policy.

Note: If you have an issue other than those listed above, please contact us.
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