Manage conversion goals from the conversions summary

The conversions summary provides detailed information about your conversion goals, actions, sources, values, and more. You can add and edit conversion goals and other conversion related information here as well.

Create and edit goals for existing and future campaigns

Follow these steps to update or add account-default conversion goals to existing campaigns:

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon].
  3. Click Conversions.
  4. In the conversions summary, standard goals and their grouped conversion actions are displayed automatically. These goals are created based on your conversion actions.
    • To edit a goal: Click Edit conversion goal to select whether or not the goal is an account-default goal.
    • Note: When you set a goal to be an account-default goal, it’s added to all campaigns using the account-default goal settings. When a goal is removed as an account-default goal, it’s similarly removed from all campaigns using the account-default goals. Campaigns using other combinations of goals aren't affected in either case.
  5. Add your conversion actions as either primary or secondary conversion actions: After you set your account default setting, you can define the “Action optimization” for each conversion action in your goal. Select “Primary” for actions that you want to bid toward when that goal is selected. Select “Secondary” for actions that you want to observe but that you don’t want your campaign to allocate budget towards.
    • Note: When you change the Usage for a conversion action, that changes how the conversion action is bid toward in all places where the goal it's part of is being used.
  6. (Optional) Add another conversion action: Click Add a conversion action on any conversion goal to include more actions as part of that conversion goal.
  7. To add or edit custom goals: Custom goals are displayed at the bottom of the conversion summary, if you have any. You can add a new custom goal by clicking the plus button .
    1. Click Custom goals to add new custom goals and open the table of existing custom goals.
      1. Click the specific custom goal to rename the custom goal and update conversion actions for that goal.
      2. Click the checkboxes beside the custom goal names to use bulk editing. In the blue bar that appears, select Edit and then Delete.
      3. Click Add Custom Goal to add and name a new custom goal and select conversion actions for that goal.
    2. Creating new standard goals: To create new standard goals, click the blue New conversion goal button and follow the steps to creating a new goal.

View additional information about your conversion goals and actions

From the conversions summary, you can also do the following:

  • Hover over an individual conversion action to view:
  • Click See additional data above the first goal listed for additional data around conversion windows, tracking status, repeat rate, conversion actions that have been removed, and all conversion values. Hover over items such as conversion value, or conversion windows that you wish to edit.
  • Hover over “account-default goal”, beside the conversion goal name, for a summary of its conversion sources.
  • Hover over the specific number of campaigns or “All campaigns” to view the specific campaigns that are using the conversion goal.
  • Hover over items in the “Status” column to get more information on goal status.
  • Recommendations and issue troubleshooting: At the top of your summary, you'll find recommendations for optimal conversion tracking and notifications about issues detected with your conversion tracking. Use the prompts in these messages, as well as the “Troubleshooting” button, to take the fastest path to improvements and troubleshooting.
    • Recommendations and notifications can help you address issues with your conversion tracking.
    • Click Troubleshoot to help fix issues identified with your conversion tracking.

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