Resolving unapplied payments, adjustments, and lost payments

Sometimes, payments or adjustments can't be applied to your account because there isn't enough information about which account or invoice should get the payment or adjustment. Also, sometimes payments are lost in the process of being transmitted to Google.

Whenever there's an unapplied payment or adjustment in your account, you'll see an alert next to your Amount due on your billing pages. To get there, click tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon] and under "Billing," choose Summary. If your payment is lost, contact the collections team listed on your monthly invoice or listed below.

General Collections Alias:

Note: Only accounts on monthly invoicing should use this email address to contact the billing team.

Unapplied adjustments

If you have unapplied adjustments -- such as credits that haven't yet been applied to an invoice -- you have 2 options for applying these credits:

  • Underpay your next invoice by the amount of the unapplied adjustment. For example, if you have $53 in unapplied adjustments and an open invoice for $200, make a payment for $147 ($200 - $53), and we'll close out the invoice. Just be sure to underpay by the exact amount, or we won't know to apply the credit.
  • Email your local Google Ads collections team and tell them how you'd like the unapplied adjustments to be applied. You can request, for instance, that your payment be divided in half and applied to 2 open invoices. Just be sure to include the invoice numbers and amounts we should apply to each.

Contact the collections team

General Collections Alias:

Note: You can pay all or a part of your invoice with credits issued for the same product and currency. Learn how to pay your invoices with credits

If your payment is lost

If your payment is lost, email your local collections team with a proof of payment attached to your email to show that the payment was made. This can be a scanned image or screenshot of your bank transfer receipt, your bank or credit card statement, or your online bank or credit card account.

Your proof of payment should also include the following information:

  • The date the payment was made. If possible, show all transactions for 5 days before and after the payment
  • The amount and currency of the payment
  • The beneficiary of the funds, such as Google Ads
  • The name of the bank that sent the transfer

Also, for security reasons, please black out any sensitive information on your bank or credit card statement, particularly your entire bank account number or the middle 8 digits of your credit card number.

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