Created account budget but ads aren’t serving

Sometimes you might find that your ads aren't serving after you've created an account budget. Besides reaching your end date or your spend amount, here are some other reasons why this can happen:

Your campaigns might be defined and your ads ready, but no ads will serve until you've reached the start date. Usually, we recommend setting the requested start date as soon as possible.

Solution: Wait for the start date to arrive or adjust it on your budget order. To adjust the order, click your Google Ads account's gear icon and choose Billing, then click the Account budgets link on the side. Find your order and click Edit.

Your account budget might be waiting for approval and activation. If a service agreement is required, for example, the budget will be "Under review" until the agreement is accepted and approved. Once all the required steps are completed, the budget status will turn to "Pending." Then, when it reaches the requested start date, it'll become "Active," allowing your ads to serve.

Solution: Wait for the account budget to be approved and activated.

  • You selected a start date for your budget that hasn't arrived yet.
  • Budget isn't approved.

If you've reached the start date for your budget and your budget has been approved and activated, use this troubleshooter to find out why you may not see your ad. 

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