Reach your customers with the right keywords

Expand the reach of existing keywords

Improving the Ad Rank of your keywords will make them more competitive in the Google Ads auction. Learn some Ad Rank best practices you can follow.

Maximize the presence of your keywords by improving their Ad Rank

To start, you can expand your keywords’ reach by increasing their Ad Rank. However you decide to do it, improving the Ad Rank of your keywords will make them more competitive in the auction and will generally increase their volume of impressions.

There are three ways to increase Ad Rank:

  • Increasing bids
  • Increasing ad quality
  • Enabling or improving your ad extensions

Increasing bids can help you get additional traffic from your keywords. While your efficiency may decrease, you should seek to maximize reach for keywords that perform.

The bid simulator can give you a good estimate of how an increased bid can increase the number of impressions on which your keyword can appear.

The Keyword Planner can show you more specifics about the traffic that you could gain by increasing impression share. Put your keywords into the planner and filter your results by ad impression share and average monthly searches to see where you would benefit from being more competitive.

The Google Ads Help Center and blog can provide detailed recommendations for increasing ad quality and enabling and improving ad extensions.

Extend your reach to users that aren't on by targeting search partners

You can choose to target search partners (sites that partner with Google to show ads on their search results) at the campaign level. This is a fast way to boost impressions for your existing keywords.

In order to view your performance, just segment your reports by “Network (with search partners).”

Search partners provides a new venue for your keywords, and it may result in reduced CPCs and better CPAs due to different competitive dynamics than the search auction. More importantly, search partners allows you to extend your reach to users that may not be on


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