How to pay for Local Services Ads

When you sign up for Local Services Ads, you’ll be asked to set up a billing account that you can use to pay for your ads.

Local Services Ads use Google Ads to power its billing and payment systems, so if you already have a Google Ads account, Local Services Ads will automatically reuse your Google Ads payment settings.

If not, you’ll be able to provide either a credit card or bank account information and your account will be automatically charged as you incur charges.

If you need any help paying your bill, please contact us.

How automatic payments work

With automatic payments, you're charged after you've accrued costs from your ad. You'll be billed in one of two instances: either 30 days after your last payment, or whenever your account reaches a predetermined amount known as your payment threshold -- whichever comes first. Learn more about automatic payments

Your current payment threshold can be found on the Billing tab in the lead inbox on desktop. The initial payment threshold is set based on your account, country, and currency. Each time your account reaches the payment threshold within a 30-day billing period, the payment threshold will rise in increments, up to a set maximum.

Note: You can control your monthly advertising costs through your budget setting.


Let’s say the initial payment threshold in your country is $50.

Suppose your account has incurred $75 of charges. In this case, your payment method will be charged and the $50 payment threshold will be raised to $200.

If your account balance reaches $200 before 30 days have passed, you’ll be charged again and then the threshold will rise to $350.

After one more charge, the threshold will rise to the maximum amount of $500.

How to view your current balance and payment threshold

  1. Sign in to your Local Services Ads lead inbox.
  2. Click the menu Nav icon at the top.
  3. Click Billing.
  4. In the “Your balance” section, you’ll see your current outstanding balance as well as your current payment threshold.

If your account doesn’t reach the payment threshold within 30 days, the account will automatically be charged for the value of the outstanding balance.

Note: If you are advertising through a partner affiliate, the above information does not apply to you. Learn more about partner affiliate providers

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