About the Budgets page in your manager account

The Budgets page in your manager account lets you track spending, billing, and budget information for all your client accounts in one place. 

Keep in mind that even if a Google Ads account is linked to multiple manager accounts, it can only have one account budget active at a time. You can determine which account is billed for that client account by setting up a “payments account” for it in the client account. A payments account can be used to pay for multiple Google Ads accounts. 

This article explains what you can view on your manager account’s Budgets page. To learn more about setting up billing for your manager account, read Navigate billing from manager accounts.

What you can track in the Budgets page

The columns in your Budgets page show the following budget- and payment-related information for your client accounts. Some columns appear in the table by default, and others you’ll need to add by clicking the column icon A picture of the Google Ads columns icon above the table.

“Budget” tab column name Description
Budget columns  
Payments account The account to which the Google Ads account’s costs are accrued and billed
Payments profile Contains the unique number assigned to the legal entity that will be billed for the client account's costs. 
Purchase order The number of the purchase order associated with the client account, which appears on each invoice
Payment setting How the client Google Ads account is billed. Billing method options depend on the country the Google Ads account's billing address is located in and the currency chosen. In most countries, you’re automatically charged after ads run (automatic payments). In a few countries, you have to fund your account before ads can run (manual payments).
Account budget The spending limit specified by the budget for this client Google Ads account
Remaining account budget The amount of spending power left in the client account’s budget
% spent The percentage of the client account budget spent to date
Start date The date the account budget was initiated
End date The date the account budget is scheduled to stop. If no date appears, the account budget is set to run indefinitely
Total daily budgets The sum of all total daily budgets or total daily shared budgets for all active campaigns in this client Google Ads account
Account information columns  
Account The name assigned to the client account
Account type Indicates whether the client account is a Google Ads or AdWords Express account
Account labels The account labels you’ve assigned to this account to help you filter the information you want to see
Customer ID Customer ID of the client account
Direct manager The name of the manager account linked directly to this client account
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