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Why landing pages are important

A landing page is the page on your website where customers land after clicking one of your ads. Effective landing pages are key to getting conversions from your Google Ads traffic. One of the best and easiest ways to get better results from your mobile ads is to improve the speed of your landing pages.

For example, in retail, we’ve seen that a 1 second delay in mobile can impact mobile conversions by up to 20 percent.


Get started

After signing into your Google Ads account, you can begin evaluating the performance of your landing pages by selecting Landing pages in the page menu on the left. 

To view the expanded landing pages for more than one landing page, check the box next to two or more landing pages. When the blue bar appears above the table, select View expanded landing pages.
Note: The clicks reported on the “Landing pages” page only includes headline clicks that led to a landing page, so they won’t match the number of clicks reported on the “Campaigns” or “Ads & extensions” pages which include clicks to maps, phone numbers, and other extensions.

Below are the ways to begin evaluating your landing pages.


Check your mobile optimization

View which pages are not optimized for mobile devices by checking the “Mobile-friendly click rate” and “Valid AMP click rate” columns.

Mobile-friendly click rate: If a landing page is not deemed mobile-friendly every time by Google’s Mobile-Friendly test, the percentage in the “Mobile-friendly click rate” column will be less than 100%. If a page doesn’t receive any clicks from mobile devices, the value in the column will be "—".

Valid AMP click rate: If a landing page doesn’t always load as a valid AMP page when people click on your ad, the percentage in the “Valid AMP click rate” column will be less than 100%. If a page doesn’t have AMP markup, the value in the column will be "—".

Test your landing pages

Select View expanded landing pages below a landing page link. You’ll then see a list of the expanded landing page URLs for that landing page.

In the “Mobile-friendly click rate” column, select Test to launch Google’s Mobile-Friendly test for the page in a separate window.

In the “Valid AMP click rate” column, select Test to launch the AMP Validator test for the page in a separate window.

Track your conversions

Understand which landing pages are properly configured for conversion tracking by reviewing the “Conv. tracking compatibility” rate. This metric measures the estimated percentage of ad clicks that can be tracked for conversions with first party cookies for each landing page (Search Ad landing pages only).

Check popular pages

To identify which pages people interacted with the most, check the “Clicks,” “Impr.” (impressions), and “CTR” (clickthrough rate) columns. As with your other Google Ads reports, you can segment and filter the data in these columns, or download and save the entire table.
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