Understand the impact of conversion adjustments

The Conversion adjustment segment and the Days to conversion or adjustment segment can help you understand the effect that conversion adjustments have on the conversion metrics reported in your Google Ads account.

This article explains how these segments work, and how to add them to your reports.

About conversion adjustment segments

  • The Conversion adjustment segment shows you the original conversion value and count compared to the change in value and count after the conversion was recorded.
  • The Days to conversion or adjustment is the total amount of time from when the impression happened until the conversion and until the adjustment. Note: These are shown in two separate rows.

About uploading multiple adjustments

It's possible that a conversion may need to be adjusted more than once. For example, when 2 or more items in an order are returned at different times. If you have more than one adjustment for a conversion in your spreadsheet, the adjustment with the earlier adjustment time will be processed first.

However, if a conversion is retracted or an adjustment drops the value of the conversion down to 0, the conversion will be removed from your reports and Google Ads won't process any subsequent adjustments to it.

Important: If you attempt to re-adjust the conversion retraction, you will not get an error but the adjustments will be ignored. However, you can “undo” a conversion retraction by reuploading the conversion data with slightly different conversion timestamps (for example, add a few seconds to each conversion) so that these will be treated like new conversions. Note, you will need to have your conversion counting option set to “every conversion” for this to work.


Follow the instructions below to see your conversion adjustment impact data.

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click Campaigns in the page menu on the left.
  3. Check that the date range for your report ends at least 30 days ago (or longer if you have a longer conversion window) to make sure the report has complete conversion data.
  4. Click the segment icon , then select "Conversions" and choose from the following options:
    • Conversion adjustment: Shows a row with the original value or count (as reported by the website conversion tag) and the adjustments made to that value
    • Days to conversion or adjustment: Shows a row for each bucket of time between when the impression and attributed conversion happened, and a row for each bucket of time between when the impression and adjustment to the attributed conversion happened.

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