How to download the Google Partners badge

The Google Partner badge and the Premier Partner badge are granted to companies in the Google Partners program who have met the respective requirements. This article contains information on how to download the Google Partners badge and guidelines for how you can use it.

Before you begin

If your company isn't a Partner or Premier Partner, read "How to earn the Google Partner badge" to learn more about the requirements.

About the Google Partner badge formats

There are two Google Partner badge formats: one that can be used on online properties (the "HTML snippet") and assets that can be used on other marketing materials.

Starting in June 2021, Partners who meet the new Partner requirements will get access to the new Google Partner badge and the new badge assets. If you’ve earned a Partner or Premier Partner badge before February 2022, you’ll be able to retain your badge status and continue to use your badge assets until the new program launches.

Specializations will be deprecated in June 2021, with the availability of the new Google Partner badge. Specializations will no longer appear on the badge assets used on your websites.

How to download your Google Partners badge assets

Go to the Partners program tab.

  1. Find the Badge status card and click View details.
  2. At the bottom of the page, expand Badge assets.
  3. To download the HTML snippet, click Download snippet. To download assets for marketing materials, click on Download file.
Note: It may take 24 to 48 hours after meeting requirements for your badge to become available.

If you are a Premier Partner and need access to your Premier Partner assets, please contact us.

By default, the HTML snippet can appear on the website(s) on your Company details card. To show the badge on additional websites, go to the Partners program tab, find the “Company details” card, click on “View details” and select the “Badged websites” option to enter the additional website URLs.

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