Use optimization score to guide your account optimizations

August 2, 2018

Your optimization score, found on the Recommendations page, helps you understand your account’s optimization potential. The score runs from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential.

We look across key aspects of your campaigns to evaluate whether they are fully optimized and then offer recommended actions if there is room for improvement. If a recommendation can have more impact on your performance, it’s given more weight on your overall score.

Optimization score encompasses several aspects of your campaign, including:

  • Bids & Budgets
  • Ads & Extensions
  • Keywords & Targeting
  • Repairs

Optimization score

Optimization score is calculated in real-time, and factors in variables like the following:

  • Statistics, settings, and the status of your account and campaigns
  • Relevant impact of available recommendations
  • Recent recommendations history
  • Trends in the ads ecosystem

Use recommendations to improve your score

Improve your account by checking your optimization score and implementing recommendations that meet your business goals.

For example:

  • Mango, an international retailer, adopted smart bidding recommendations and drove 59% more conversions and 22% higher ROAS.
  • Koch Ford, a large car dealer in Canada, adopted tCPA bidding recommendations and drove 77% more conversions while decreasing CPA by 34%.
Note: Optimization score is shown for active Search campaigns only. Optimization score doesn’t factor into Quality Score or Ad Rank calculations.

Posted by Blake Reese, Senior Product Manager, Optimizations

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