Set up a missed visits report

The local competitive visits report shows you advertising opportunities that you’ve missed on Google Ads to help you connect with potential customers who may be interested in visiting your physical business locations. It shows you the number of search queries, clicks, and store visits that went to other advertisers because their ads showed for a relevant local search query while yours didn’t. Using this information, you can optimize your budget and bidding to capture some of those missed opportunities.

The local competitive visits reports will be available only for eligible advertisers.

How to set up a missed visits report

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. From the navigation panel on the left, click Search campaigns.
  3. From the page menu on the left, select Locations.
  4. From the subpage menu on top, click the Geographic report drop-down menu, and then select missed visits report.

About your results

The missed visits report will show you the following metrics:

Column name What it means
Missed queries

This shows local search queries that are relevant to you. For these queries, you'll see the number of times other advertisers showed ads but you didn't show a competing ad.

Missed clicks On those queries where you didn't show a competing ad, you'll see the number of clicks on other advertisers' ads.
Missed visits On those clicks where you didn’t show a competing ad, you'll see the number of user visits to other advertisers’ physical stores driven by those clicks.

To ensure your ads are showing for relevant local searches, use features like location bid adjustments to increase the likelihood that you’ll reach customers near your stores. Also, make sure that your campaigns aren’t limited by budget.

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