Use the migration tool to migrate your Hotel ads campaigns

The migration tool helps move your Hotel campaigns from the Hotel Ads Center to Google Ads. This article explains how to use that tool.

Important: Your Hotel Ads Center account must be linked to a Google Ads account for the campaign migration tool to appear (It can take up to 3 days to be eligible to copy Hotel campaigns after you link accounts). Only users with Owner access to the Hotel Ads Center account containing the campaign to be migrated and Standard or Administrative access to the Google Ads account the campaign is being migrated to, will be able to complete this action. Learn more about linking accounts, Hotel Ads Center access levels, and Google Ads access levels.


  • Target ROAS campaigns will not be supported in Google Ads, and can't be migrated with the migration tool. Consider replacing with the Commissions bid strategy in Google Ads.
  • Campaigns will not carry over existing stats and performance history.
    • Campaign stats and performance history for migrated campaigns will still be available in your Hotel Ads Center account for a period of time following the migration.
  • Audience list bid multipliers will only be migrated if the destination Google Ads account has access to those audience lists.

Learn more about Hotel ads account, campaign, and bid limits.

Migration process


  1. Log in to your Hotel Ads Center account.
  2. In the top navigation panel, click Dashboard.
  3. Click on a campaign.
  4. Click the Copy to Google Ads button.
  5. In the pop-up window, select your Google Ads account.
  6. Click the Copy button.
  7. Repeat these steps for all supported campaign types.

The migration can take up to a day and you will receive an email saying that the migration was successful, or that it failed and why. If the migration was successful, you will be able to see your campaigns in your Google Ads account. All campaigns created by the migration tool in Google Ads will be paused by default.

Check on migrated campaigns

After you've migrated your campaigns from Hotel Ads Center, enable your campaigns on Google Ads and pause them in the Hotels Ads Center. If unpaused campaigns targeting the same traffic exist on the Hotel Ads Center and on Google Ads, then the highest bidding campaign will be selected to serve. If a campaign in the Hotel Ads Center bids the same amount as a campaign in Google Ads, then the Google Ads campaign will serve.

Learn more about enabling campaigns for Google Ads and pausing campaigns in the Hotel Ads Center.

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