About hotel groups

A hotel group is a way to organize your hotels and set base bids for certain attributes of hotels. You can organize hotel groups by class, country/region, or brand.

For example, you may want to put your U.S. hotels into one hotel group, and your Germany hotels in another hotel group. Or you may want to put your 3-star hotels in one hotel group and your 5-star hotels in another hotel group. You could then set a different base bid for those hotel groups with the CPC (cost per click) bidding strategy.

This article covers hotel group subdivisions, bidding rules, and how they work with ad groups.


  • Set a CPC bid on a group of hotels or a specific hotel ID.
  • Exclude certain hotels in a hotel group from a particular ad group.
  • Customize your reporting for particular hotels.

Hotel group subdivisions available

  • Hotel country / region: The country or broad geographic region of the hotel.
  • Hotel state: The state or region in a country where the hotel is located. This is only available after subdividing by country/region.
  • City: The city the hotel is located in. You can only subdivide by city after subdividing by country and state.
  • "Everything else": After you enter a subdivision, you will see a category in that subdivision called "Everything else". This includes all the hotels in the top subdivision that haven't been further subdivided. For example, if you subdivide by France as a country, you will see a category called "Everything else in France". Or if you subdivided your "All hotels" group by 4-star and 5-star hotels, you would see a category called "Everything else in all hotels", containing 1-star, 2-star and 3-star hotels, or hotels with no star rating.
    • Note: When a new hotel is added to your Hotel Center, it will also automatically be added to the "Everything else" hotel group within your campaigns.
  • Hotel class, ranging from 2-star to 5-star. This class, which is identified by Google, represents the hotel's level of service, not its user-review rating.
  • Hotel ID: The ID of the hotel, which will display the hotel's name. Click on "Bulk add values manually" at the bottom to enter hotel IDs, or paste multiple hotel IDs from a spreadsheet.

How to subdivide or edit a hotel group

Bidding rules for hotel groups

When you set your campaign's bid strategy as Manual CPC or CPC%, you set the CPC bid amount at the ad group level, and can adjust that bid at the hotel group level.

Note: You can't choose a different CPC bid strategy than what you set at the campaign level.

If you didn't set the campaign bid strategy as CPC, you can exclude a hotel from a campaign by excluding the hotel group that contains that hotel from the campaign. For instance, if you chose the commission (per conversion) strategy at the campaign level, but didn't want some hotels to participate in pay-per-conversion, you could exclude the ad group from a campaign.

The hotel group bid will take precedence over any ad group bid. For example, if you set a 2% CPC bid for your "France" hotels group, but a 1% CPC bid for the associated ad group, the hotel group bid will take precedence.

Bid adjustments at the campaign and ad group level, however, will still apply.

Learn more about bidding and bid adjustments for hotel campaigns

Ad groups vs. hotel groups

  Ad groups Hotel groups
Structure You can create multiple ad groups within campaigns. Ad groups aren't used outside a campaign. Subdivide all your hotels into groups for each account and sub-account. Ad groups can contain the same hotel group divisions.
How you create and edit them Use "Ad groups" in the page menu. Use "Hotel groups" in the page menu.
How they're used with bidding

Bid adjustments are set at the ad group level.

You can also set a max. CPC or max. CPC% bid at the ad group level.

Set a max. CPC% or max. CPC bid at the hotel group level.

Important: Hotel group base bids will override ad group base bids, but ad group bid adjustments will still apply.
Reporting See metrics by ad group, scoped to the specific campaign the ad group belongs to. See metrics by hotel group.

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