About Enhanced CPC bids for hotel campaigns

Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC) for hotel campaigns in Google Ads helps you get more conversions from manual bidding by using Google’s auction-time signals in combination with your existing bidding system. ECPC works by automatically adjusting your manual bids for clicks that seem more or less likely to lead to a booking on your website.

Campaigns with Manual CPC or CPC% bid strategies can use ECPC. You can't use ECPC when the campaign's bid strategy is Commissions.

Enhanced CPC is a campaign-level setting. You can enable ECPC in addition to having custom bid adjustments, which can be set at the campaign and/or ad group levels. To use ECPC, a campaign must have conversion tracking enabled. To achieve optimal performance, you should ensure that your campaign has at least 30 conversions per week.

Note: Conversion tracking and purchase conversion values (full booking amount) is required for all Hotel Ads Smart Bidding bid strategies. Learn more about conversion tracking for Hotel campaigns

How it works

ECPC uses auction-time signals like device type, time of day, and other factors to find your best converting and most valuable impressions in real time. Based on this, ECPC will adjust your bid up or down slightly to help you achieve higher conversion value for your campaign while trying to keep your cost-per-conversion value the same as you would get with manual bidding.


  • Granular, real-time bid adjustments to help maximize conversion value
  • Works well with existing bidding systems
  • Simple setup with a single checkbox in “Campaign Settings”

Before you begin

To use ECPC, you must have conversion tracking enabled. To achieve optimal performance, you should ensure that your campaign has at least 30 conversions per week. It's also strongly recommended you use the following parameters with conversion tracking:

  • 'value'
  • 'currency'

Optional: The following parameters also help Google optimize your performance:

  • 'transaction_id'
  • 'id'
  • 'start_date'
  • 'end_date'

Getting started

When you create a campaign, simply check the box next to “Help increase conversions with Enhanced CPC” under “Bid Settings” in your campaign setup. Learn how to create a hotel campaign

If you'd like to change your bid strategy for an existing CPC or CPC% campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. In the page menu on the left, click Campaigns.
  3. Select the campaign you want to edit.
  4. Click Settings in the page menu for this campaign.
  5. Open “Bid Settings”.
  6. Check the box next to “Help increase conversions with Enhanced CPC”.
  7. Click Save.

Using ECPC with bid adjustments

The following table shows how the final bid is calculated based on whether ECPC is enabled and if there's a custom bid adjustment:

ECPC Bid adjustment Bid calculation
Enabled YES Final bid = bid * ECPC adjustment * custom bid adjustment
Enabled NO Final bid = bid * ECPC adjustment
Disabled YES Final bid = bid * custom bid adjustment
Disabled NO Final bid = bid

Best practices

ECPC will automatically try to help you increase your conversion value by evaluating in real time the expected value of any given impression. For best results, we recommend you don’t use bid adjustments to approximate conversion rate or expected conversion value. Rather, you should only use bid adjustments to account for information that may not be built into a ROAS calculation, such as profit margin.

Understanding Max CPC value

The max CPC value you set is a base value, not a cap on cost. Before the auction, the max CPC value is multiplied by the number of nights. The CPC value may also be further increased by bid adjustments, resulting in an effective max CPC bid that will often be higher than the base value that you set. The actual CPC (cost to you) will be less than or equal to this effective max CPC bid.


You set a max CPC value of $1 and a user clicks on your ad with a length-of-stay of 3.

Room price CPC bid
First night: $100 USD $1 USD
Second night: $90 USD $1 USD
Third night: $80 USD $1 USD
Total bid for 3 nights $3 USD
Bid adj type Bid adj
Device - Desktop +20%
Effective max bid $3.60 USD

In this example, the actual cost to you for the user’s click will be less than or equal to $3.60.

If you don't want the CPC to increase linearly with the number of nights, you should use length-of-stay bid modifiers to decrease the bid for longer lengths of stay.

Learn more about CPC bids for hotel campaigns

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