About location groups

Location groups allow you to more easily manage locations in your campaigns from within Google Ads. This article describes what location groups do and the benefits of using them when setting up location targeting in your campaigns and promoting those locations in your ads.

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What location groups are

Location groups are reusable collections of physical business that can be applied to your campaign. A group can be selected instead of individual locations to quickly and efficiently apply every location in that group for a campaign’s targeting. These groups can also be used for setting up local campaigns, and creating location extensions and affiliate location extensions.

To use location groups, you need to enable location extensions or enable affiliate location extensions on your Google Ads Account. You can use location groups in several different places in your account:

Benefits of using location groups


Location groups are simple to set up and easy to parse through for editing. The location group interface allows you to find individual locations through searching and filtering.


Once created, a location group can be selected and applied to as many campaigns as you want. Any changes you make to a location group will apply everywhere that the group is being used.

Say you are running a Local campaign that applies to every location in California. You can create a new location group that contains each one of your California storefront locations. Once you set up the statewide campaign, you’ll have a location group ready to insert in campaign setup. You can then use that location group for Local campaigns, Location Extensions, Affiliate Location Extensions, or radius targeting.


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