Change the payments profile for your client account

Sometimes the party that pays for a Google Ads account needs to change, for example, when an advertiser changes or leaves agencies. In this scenario the payments profile that pays for the Google Ads accounts will need to change. In addition, the accounts will most likely need to move under a new manager account belonging to the new payments profile, which will become the new paying manager. This process is known as a billing transfer.

In most cases you will need to contact us to initiate the billing transfer. However, if the new payments profile is already linked to your manager account then you can change the payments profile for your client accounts at any time.

Change the payment profile for your client account

Before you begin

  1. To change a payments profile for your client account, you need to log in with Admin, Standard, or Billing-only access to the current paying manager account and from there, navigate to the client account.
  2. The paying manager account needs to be linked to both the current and the new payments profile. You can see if that’s the case on the “Payments profiles” page of the paying manager. Learn more about payments profile link types and permissions
  3. If you don’t have the new payments profiles linked to your manager account and you’d like to initiate a billing transfer you’ll need to reach out to your Google account manager or follow the steps for linking payments profiles to your manager account. You can also contact us

Remember that all changes to a payments profile, including linking, need to be authorized by the primary contact listed in the payments profile or someone who uses an email address with the same company’s domain name (for example, “”).


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads manager account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Accounts, then click Budgets.
  3. From the “Payments account” column, select a client account to edit.
  4. Click Billing transfers, then click the pencil icon  and select Change who pays.
    • If the icon appears grey, take the following actions:
      • Make sure you are logged in through the account’s paying manager. You can identify the paying manager on the client account’s Billing settings page.
      • Make sure multiple profiles are linked to the paying manager.
  5. Choose a date for the transfer to go into effect, or select As soon as possible.
  6. Next to “Billing configuration,” choose either Select existing billing setup or Create new billing setup.
    • If you choose to select an existing billing setup, a new window will open where a new billing setup can be selected. Change the payments profile by selecting a billing setup with your desired payments profile.
      • Note: Only payments profiles that are already linked to the manager account will be shown.
    • If you choose to create a new billing setup you can search for a new payments profile that is already linked your manager account.
  7. Once you have selected the new billing setup and payments profile, click Save and continue.
  8. On the “Budget setup” page, enter your budget details and click Save and finish.
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