Connect with customers faster using lead form extensions (beta)

October 30, 2019

Before making a purchase, customers often want to contact your business to receive more information, but filling out forms can be difficult on mobile. Lead form extensions on Search simplify the form fill process to generate quality leads for your business.

Lead form extensions capture interest when potential customers are searching for your company, products, or services on Google. A fast, mobile-optimized experience makes form submission easy and eliminates the extra step of navigating to your mobile site lead form.

How it works

Users who are signed in to their Google account can tap a call-to-action such as “Get quote” or “Apply now” directly from your lead form extension. They’ll reach a Google-hosted form already pre-populated with their contact information, so they can submit the form with a single tap. From their initial search to form submission, it only takes a few seconds for customers to connect with your business.

Totalplay, a leading telecom provider in Mexico, was having a difficult time getting quality leads from its various digital advertising campaigns. By implementing lead form extensions, Totalplay reached users who were actively searching for internet, TV, and phone services on Google Search. As a result, sales leads closed at a 20% higher rate than other lead generation efforts.

The beta for lead form extensions will be rolling out to advertisers over the next few weeks. To learn more about eligibility and set-up, visit the Help Center.

Posted by Katerina Daveynis, Product Manager, Google Ads

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