Create and adjust conversion windows for App campaigns

Conversion actions you create can extend across different campaigns under your Google Ads account. Create and select these actions for specific campaigns to track how well your campaigns are driving customer activity and make more informed decisions on ad spend.

Create a new conversion action & window

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon].
  3. Under “Measurement”, click Conversions.
  4. Click the plus icon .
  5. Click the “App” card.
  6. Select how to track your app conversions. (You can select Google Play, Google Analytics App + Web or third-party analytics).
  7. Select “Installs” or “In-app purchases”.
  8. Click CONTINUE.
  9. Name your conversion event in the “Conversion name” field.
  10. Select the mobile app in the “Mobile app” field.
  11. For installs: Either designate how many U.S. dollars each conversion is worth or select “Don’t use a conversion value for this action”.
    For in-app actions: Select how many conversions to count per click or interaction.
    • Every: Recommended for purchases since every purchase is valuable.
    • One: Recommended for leads, sign-ups, and other conversions because only the first interaction is valuable.
  12. Select your conversion windows. Learn more About conversion windows for app campaigns and Optimizing conversion windows for app campaigns.
  13. “Include in conversions” is selected by default. By selecting this, you will include these conversions in your "Conversions" column. If you use Smart Bidding, your bid strategies will optimize for these conversions.

Update existing conversion windows

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon].
  3. Under “Measurement”, click Conversions.
  4. Click on the conversion action you wish to update in the “Conversion action” column.
  5. You’ll see the conversion action’s settings. Click EDIT SETTINGS.
  6. Click the down arrow for the conversion window you wish to update.
  7. Select the window you’re targeting.
  8. Click DONE.

Add existing conversion actions to an existing campaign

  1. Sign into Google Ads account.
  2. From the campaigns menu in the top left navigation menu, Select App Campaigns.
  3. Select Campaigns.
  4. Select the check boxes beside the campaigns you want to update with new conversion actions.
  5. A blue menu will appear above the campaigns. Click Edit.
  6. Click Change conversion settings.
  7. Select “Choose conversions actions for this campaign”
  8. Click Select conversion actions.
  9. Select the conversion actions you want to apply in the conversion actions menu.
  10. Click SAVE.

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