Understanding reported calls

Do you often ask your customers, “How did you hear about us?” With reported calls, you can see how many phone calls you’ve received from your Smart campaign.

Note: Google forwarding numbers (GFN) are mandatory for new Smart campaigns with a linked phone number in all countries where GFN is available. See a full list of countries where GFN is available. In these countries, call metrics are shown as reported calls.

If you're advertising in a country that doesn't support GFNs, reported calls aren’t available. In this case, call metrics are shown as call clicks, not reported calls. Learn more about call clicks

How reported calls works

Reported calls will appear in your Smart campaigns dashboard if the phone number added to your Smart campaign is assigned a Google forwarding number (GFN). Reported calls give you a better idea of your advertising impact, by showing you the number of calls that you receive from your Smart campaign.

When your Smart campaign is active, a unique GFN is displayed in your ads. People see this phone number instead of your actual business phone number, and calls to this phone number will be forwarded to you. Learn more about troubleshooting reported calls

When you get a call from your ad, you’ll hear the following message: “Google Ads customer call.” That way, you’ll know which customers your ad is bringing in.

GFN also allows you to understand details for each call, including the call duration, the country associated with the caller's phone number, and, in most cases, the caller's area code. When possible, reported calls will also show the caller's full call-back number for calls longer than 15 seconds.

The GFN can appear in ads on either the desktop or mobile devices. Reported calls don’t work with ads on Google Maps, and your business phone number won't change in ads on Maps.

Note: Reported calls don’t change how often your ad is shown or the order that your ad shows on Google.

How to set up reported calls

If you choose “calls” as a campaign goal, you need to give us a phone number where you’ll receive calls from your ads. With all other campaign goals, including a call option in your ads is optional.

You can add or edit the phone number where your receive calls from your ad any time:

  1. Find the campaign to edit.
  2. On the “Ad text, images, & landing page” card, click Edit.
  3. Click the Business info tab.
  4. Make sure the Show a call button in your ad box is checked.
  5. Click the edit icon (pencil) and enter your phone number.
  6. Click Save.


You only pay for ad clicks and calls to your business from your ads. Your costs may vary from day to day, but you won’t be charged more than your maximum monthly budget.

If you’re receiving spam or unwanted calls, learn more about unwanted calls.

Benefits of reported calls

Reported calls are effective if you want to know how often your customers are reaching you by phone after seeing your ad. By providing you with more details about how customers interact with your ad, you can get a more complete picture of the value that Smart campaigns are bringing to your business.

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