Use a Jamboard device in a video meeting

You can hold a video meeting on a Jamboard. Before using Jamboard for meetings, turn on Google Meet with Jamboard. If your board doesn’t display Meet "" in the top right, your administrator must set up Jamboard for video meetings.

A Jamboard can stream video from up to 3 participants. Remaining participants appear with video disabled. Unless intentionally disabled, users on other types of devices can see all video streams.

Tip: To make sure you don't join a meeting with an expired code and to better plan for the future meetings you create, check when meeting codes expire. Learn about Google Meet meeting codes.

Start a scheduled meeting

Jamboard displays upcoming events up to 4 hours in advance. In the top-right corner of the board, select an event in the agenda.

Start an unscheduled meeting

To start an unscheduled meeting:

  1. In the top-right corner, tap Join or start a meeting.
  2. To share a meeting with remote participants, enter an optional nickname.
  3. Select Go.

Join an unscheduled or private meeting

To join an event not listed on the agenda or an event labeled private, you’ll need the meeting code.

  1. Select Join or start a meeting.
  2. Enter a meeting code and select Go.

Manage audio & video

After you join a meeting, Jamboard displays your video feed.

From the bottom of the board, you can mute your microphone, turn off your camera, or simply end the meeting.

Open and present a jam frame

  1. On the left side of the screen, tap the panel to open a jam frame.
  2. To present your jam to the meeting participants, in the right panel, tap Present "".

If another participant presents their screen to the meeting, it’s automatically displayed prominently on the board.

Present a computer screen to Jamboard

Other people in the meeting can present their screens to the board.

  1. Join a meeting on the Jamboard.
  2. Join the same meeting on your computer.
    Learn more about joining a video meeting.
  3. In the bottom-right corner on your screen, select Present now.
  4. Select Your entire screen or A window.
  5. Select Share.
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